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relationship between father and child needs to be formalized by a Judge with a court order finding paternity.  For instance, if the child is seriously injured and the mother is unable to consent to the child’s medical treatment, that court order gives the father the right to make medical decisions on behalf of the child.

DNA testing can conclusively let a man know whether the child is his child or not his child. In a paternity suit, the alleged father has a right to take a DNA test.  However, it is imperative that he ask to take the DNA test BEFORE the paternity suit is final. This is because once a court order says he is the father of a child there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to go back and undo the court order.

The same is true for husbands that want to be sure a child born or conceived during their marriage is actually his biological child.  Once a divorce is final, that child is yours and you cannot later assert that you did not know. Once the case is over, this child is considered yours, even if future DNA testing shows that you are not the biological parent.  In short, the court order prevails. Game over.

For mothers, the if you wish to assert a child support claim from a man to whom you are not married, you will need to file a paternity suit.  The Office of the Attorney General will handle this at no cost (they are slow). You must provide them with the name and address of the alleged father. The Attorney General cannot help you if you do not have this information.